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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Whew, what blogs!

It's amazing but it must be said---- of all the blogs I've tried consuming during my last couple of blog-hopping days, the most consistently entertaining and consummately written one is Gounder Brownie, B.A, Englis Speaks. No second thoughts about that. And she's got a whole tail-load of fans commenting in awed and amused voices each time she does her thing.

Harking back to that Next Blog syndrome, it's tempting to leave aside everything and keep moving on the blogopath, skipping only the ones in Spanish, Japanese and other such popular languages one can't read. It's not just a question of moving worlds, it's a question of moving through minds. And some of them are hilarious, others teary-eyed, near tragic. And there are, of course, pictures that pop up along the way presenting prime visual props. And who would have thought writer Susan Hill's blog would be so passionate about horses and dogs.

Another blog of interest is a writer's domain called Writing Passions. The writer Susan Abraham has filled her pages with interesting and visually appealing links; and her prose and poetry are a great draw. She too has a trail of fans.


Susan Abraham said...

Thank you Think, for the nice words....
I have linked you & your's is a nice surprise too.
Will check out your website tomorrow. :-)


thanks! and be sure to leave your mark as you leave my site.

Susan Abraham said...

Hi Think...
I don't seem to know the url to your website. Which one is it?


sorry i didn't specify earlier. it's the first link on the list: a writer's world.

Susan Abraham said...

Hi again Shree,
This is what I wrote in your guestbook.

...Hi Shree, I'm completely bowled over! What an accomplished literary soul you are and yet so very humble. How meagre you must think my own writings in comparison.

What heady achievements indeed!
Many congratulations!

Shree, I wonder also if you shouldn't put a line next to A Writer's World that says website of novelist etc. (and your name), something that will tell people straightaway that you have a website.


Ah, my window's behaving! I replied on your blog, Susan, since I couldn't get this one to work.

Susan, you are very generous!
And your work is hardly meagre, it's very accomplished and sensitive and you have all your visitors' testimony for that! Maybe there's more of my work because i've been around for much longer! (Though I keep believing the best is yet to come.)