T r e a d Softly... YOU MIGHT TRIP ON TEXT

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here's the nonsense I've always been fated to write!

When musey musician and eminent man of sheer nonsense, Michael Heyman, thought of putting together Indian nonsense, I must thank my friend (and Mike's co-editor) Anushka for leading him to me too among his travels to the many nonsense writers of this country.

Sukumar Roy enjoys Edward Lear-like cult status among aficionados of Nonsense here, and other well-known authors spout nonsense without being recognised for it. Even though there is a huge body of work available in India which can be reclassified under this new exciting genre, it hasn't been done. Now they've all been catalogued and hung out to dry by Mike who came all the way from the US to do this. Mike's become a friend now.

Another Yes-Yes about the book is that the illustrations including the ones on the cover are by Vinayak, my elder son. Do they say nonsense runs?

Especially in families?

My contributions are The Ghost Office (prose) & Grandmother's Tales (poem)



Earbrass said...

This nonsense noodle blushes! And that's not so easy for a noodle to do. Many thanks.



okay, must be the ketchup then.
and that's certainly what we'll do next time you're here.

many thanks to you, eb, and in the next volume command me to contribute much more than this. (did i nearly, though inadvertantly, disclose your non-noodle secret identity there?

Earbrass said...

Shall do!

I think our secret identites are safe as sugar. Or soapflakes.

Wasn't there some poem about Earbrass and Thinkopotomus going to sea in beautiful pea-green boat?


you're right, there was:

the pea was green
the sea was keen,
more heard than it was seen;
when earbrass with his thinko friend
set sail on their errand:
to dredge the waters, vast and mean
and rescue mr bean.

(such a long time since i heard that poem!)