T r e a d Softly... YOU MIGHT TRIP ON TEXT

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


And so here we are again, almost half a year later.

The last time I'd written about my novel Maria's Room which had made it to the Longlist of the Man Asian Literary Prize.

Well, it's been proved--- the theory that what goes up must come down-- and vice versa. I hadn't expected the book to make it to the Longlist. It did.

After that, I expected it to reach the shortlist, and probably even make it to the final place. It didn't!

Anyway, I'm busy writing more. A children's novel for Puffin and the play with the classical dance theme. Did I say, busy writing? Right now, distraction is the name of the game, and I'm having a tough time staying on course.

Why did God have to make my writing tools and the Internet on the same platform? Sometimes, God has a way of economising. Or maybe, it is convenientising. Anyway, though I have the chance of skipping from novel to play, I often skip from both to the Net, and surf so much that time passes without adequate notice, and I return to roost in uncertain areas of my work, where nothing seems to move.

But then, this is the beginning of the New Year, and that has a habit of inculcating a new mood and a new purpose. So, there. My uncertainty, and its possible solution.

Let's see what 2008 brings.