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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So what are these two pictures all about?
Amish Tripathi & Ashwin Sanghi.
They are two of the hottest bestsellers today.
Simple narratives, new perspectives and reinvented marketing initiatives.
That's what has made them tick.
I moderated a discussion on myths with them at Landmark a couple
of months ago.
Please take a long and careful look at both photographs.
In the first, I am seriously participating in the proceedings.
In the second, I've made a breakthrough. That's me pointing out (to myself, mostly)
that I've been launching, discussing and
promoting other people's books for far too long!
After this moment of enlightenment, I rallied around and the result was
a completed play, nonsense pieces for an anthology, and renewed input and energy
for my novel, which is now finally beginning to make sense.

So there. The epiphany triggered an epic high like epic feni and the result
is some long-awaited industry.
I also rediscovered an old hobby.

A couple of results:

However much I go around and look at people, spaces and atmosphere, I always end up with my little white friend with the sooty face. All the staf call him "sahib" because of his red nose and redder eyes and white colour. He now is accommodative of everything everyone calls him. That's him rubbing his soot on the watchman. The man in green is, of course, the gardener.

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