T r e a d Softly... YOU MIGHT TRIP ON TEXT

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I've been hearing a lot about social commitment and being honest about what you write and about bringing the actual state of the world into your page. I've watched a film on a writer, listened to various audience comments during a book reading and generally soaked in this commitment ambience this last week. If you're honest to your work or concept, won't that do?

There are writers and writers. There are stories and stories. Wouldn't it be more dishonest to drag in a feeling you don't feel but feel it should represent you because of what others feel?!

I see the world. It will come out in my writing. I don't think I should struggle to bring it out. If I feel strongly about something, that will definitely come out. In one way or the other. In one or more genres that I write in. Let's see, I do novels, plays, short stories, essays, the odd column, poetry; what else? I will express my thoughts about the world somewhere. So, readers, thanks for reading, and for the ideas, the writing is my side of the bargain.


v said...

i absolutely agree with you on this. i don't think a storyteller should force a social commentary, view or perspective into their work. you are within your own time, and that will be self-evident in the work.


thanks, v.

because otherwise all creativity will be flattened to a common denominator.