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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nonsense Pictures

And The
Nonsense Continues
These are pictures taken at the Chennai launch of The Tenth Rasa: An Anthology of Indian Nonsense edited by Michael Heyman who's the merry man in specs listening to my reading.....

Date: January 7, 2007. Place: Oxford Book Store.
Click on the title to see the source of these pictures which were purloined at about 8. 10 p.m. Indian Standard Time to grace this page.


Susan Abraham said...

I tried to leave a comment the other day, Shree, except that Blogger had problems & the box wouldn't open.

Such pictures just go to show how accomplished you are. I was also going to jest that I can't see Heyman very well and that maybe it is I who need glasses after all. :-)


i always feel a bit guilty reading in a bookshop. it's like having a loud conversation in a library.

i was reading after a while. the last time was when i read my children's book to a mixed audience and the adults seemed more interested than the kids!

when are you travelling to india? and your plans as a journalist?

Earbrass said...

I think my inherent pinkness makes me blend in with the background! It was a great event-- many thanks for your participation. The only thing missing was Our Dear Illustrator!


but in the pinkness of things this too will pass.

don't you think Our Dear Illustrator should be given a second chance?

a new children's book for penguin dangerously bordering on nonsense will be out next year. which means the nonsense must start right away! i'm getting ready....

lakshmy said...

Didnt know that I was talking to an expert in the art. Great work. Congrats!!!


thanks. it isn't easy being an expert in the art of nonsense!